I exist since the time of Adam and Eve.
I am the truth, carry the same eternal messages revealed through the ages.
I carry the noble precepts and principles.
I am an un-doubtable argument, unchangeable supremacy and undeniable wisdom.
I am such a set of principles and beliefs that will fully satisfy every seeker of the truth and reality.
I sent to human being with the highest standard of worship and obedience.

I bring back the nature of mankind toward their Creator.
I raise their status from idols worshiper toward worship The One God the Most Almighty.
I free the mankind from the slavery of creatures to be the noble slave of The Creator
I raise the status of nation from ignorance and backward to be a nation of glory and victory

I am not terrorist or pretender.
I am not hatred or adversity.
I am not harm or affliction.
I came with the messages of love and peace,
Give the peace of mind and the surety of heart.
I create nation full of justice and greatness, until the justice spread like flower

I illuminate the soul of ignorance; guide the hearts of so blind,
I am the candle lighten the hearts with the ray of wisdom
Purify the heart from dirt of sins and ignorance.

I am the way of honesty
I am the way of trustworthy
I teach to share in prosperity and adversity
Giving openly in charity with the heart of sincerity
Giving all what loved in generosity
Care other like care oneself as part of dignity.

I invite human to embrace a noblest way of life, with the messages clear and pure.
I make them become fair, kind and helpful.
I change the nation from real savage to the gentleness.
I teach what the good character is
I change a drunker who drink all night, wage war all day, shameless fornicate become the best human being.

I safe the infant girls from buried alive in jest.
I elevate their status from the inferiority to have a significant role.
I put the paradise under their feet.
Make them equal in front of God, have the right to be treated equally.
I protect their right to life, the right to learn; the right to earn.
I give them the right to own and dispose property, the right to inherit.
I make them have right to choose a husband;
I protect their right as a wife, as a complete human being
I teach them to protect from immorality and pride

Black or White
From west to east, from south to North
All are all made from clay.
Forgot the color and forgot the pride.
I do not see what is outside but what inside.
I gather human heart as one, in the spirit of brotherhood.
I make their love of other as the perfection of their faith.

I am Islam
It is indeed a religion founded on truth
It is such a fountain head of learning that several streams of wisdom and knowledge flow from it.
It is such a lamp that several lamps will be lighted from it.
It is a lofty beacon of light illuminating the path of Allah.
It is a comprehensive way of life to all the creations

Rytha Nur’aini
Batam 27 August 2008
wrote and compiled for Hubby project

[Jennifer Lopez calling]

Ahmad is having an important meeting with his client…
But a name that appearing in his cellphone really makes him curious, he asks an excuse from his clients to answer that call…..

The clients node… They think.. Mr Ahmad is receiving very important call…..

Hesitantly Ahmad picks his cell….:


“Assallammu’alaikum Hubby habibi hihihihihihihihi …”

“MashaAllah ummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… hahahahahahahahahaha … wa’alaikumsalam warohmatullahi wabarokatuh dear…..”

“Afwan Abi….. I changed my name in Abi’s cellphone contact list while Abi’s sleeping  last night hehehehehehehehehe…”

“I see… Why you did that dear?….” [still smiling]

“ Mmmm Just for fun Dear……. In fact…Abi never picks up whenever ummi calling :(… Abi always said I am with clients, I am in the meeting or busy doing something……… even sometimes Abi just rejected ummi’s incoming call…. “

“Ummi… afwan sweetheart… Your hubby sometimes so much busy and not able to answer your call dear. “

“I understand dear… I am sorry.”

“So what make you call dear…Anything special….. Please do say fast.. I am having an important meeting with some clients right now…, They are waiting for me”

“Mmmmm…. Nothing that important… Just want to say Ummi going to visit sister Fatimah…”

“Ok dear… you can go…”

“Thanks dear… “

“I have to go back now dear… take care…”…

“Wait Abiii… It’s Ummi who calling….for the politeness let the one who start call to end the conversation first…. So it should be ummi who close the phone, hehehehehehe…… “

“Ok dear…” [Ahmad smilling]

“Ok My Dear Hubby habibi.. You can go back work…. Hehehehehehe… All best for you… Take care… I love you …Assallammu’alaikum”

“ Me too…..I will call u later….. Wa’alaikumsalam warohmatullahi wabarokatuh”

After few hours….

Kringggggggg….[ you got messages]…

Sender : Ummi..

“Abi Ummi is going to Sister Mirna house, please pick up ummi in Sister Mirna’s house at 5:00 pm.. From there Ummi need to go for monthly shopping.. but before that Abi please to pick up Zidan and Zahra in the house….Ummi need to buy new uniform for them… Abi has some food first at home….Please don’t eat anything outside…. Ummi already cooked some special food for hubby ..hehehehe…. . After shopping we need to visit the drug store to buy some medicines … The doctor gave new list of medicine but ummi havent had time to purchase it…….Oh Yes please don’t forget to buy some stuff that Ummi asked…. And also…..Please try to not come late my dear hubby habibi…….…jazakallahu khair”

Ahmad smiling….

He is so lucky for having Sarah as his wife.. She is so much caring and lovely wife… She take care everything efficiently, a very well arrange of everything… She is also a very very good cooker… She loves experience so much in the kitchen …to innovate new menus. Ahmad gets so much praised from his office colleagues whoever taste Sarah’s foods. Sarah always prepares food for him to eat in office…she said it’s not good to have food outside… She manages to awake very early morning to prepare food for her husband …she said… homemade food more health and more hygienist…

Everyone who doesn’t know Sarah thinks her education background something to do with chief or something….But actually she is an architect and done her master degree in economy major….. But her truely dedication to her beloved children and husband make her decide to be full time mother and wife…

Sarah loves so much to decorate our house. She really makes our house really like a small jannah on the earth… The kids love their rooms, she designs them very nicely. She changes the living rooms interior design many times…. … the touch of arts in every single part of our house… Everything that she touche become a gold…

Her background in economic help so much controling our financial matter… She really care her husband wealth. She always said it one of her responsibility as a wife to manage our financial matter…. She makes our financial planning very detail…. Even she has arranged the plan for the next some years till our kids reach university… Sarah said.. it’s good to plan everything earlier to make sure our kids will get best in their education… mashaAllah…

Ahmad never worries about my home and his kids…because Ahmad trusts they are in the best hand….

Everyday when Ahmad comes back from office, prior to sleep.. Sarah always update everything that happened in the house… everything about their beloved kids.. She knows what zidan first word.. She knows when Zahra starts crawling, standing, etc ….

She seems can make all small things sound very interesting for her… She always share them with enthusiasm.

It just sometimes he hardly bear to hear what Sarah sharing with him….. the only words he hear from sarah is… “Abi… Abi….Abiiii…. Are you listening to me ?????…. Huhuh… Abi sleeping…. “

He wants to hear completely what his wife telling.. but sometimes it just unbearable to keep awake after work whole day….

Ahmad smilling……

Ahmad is so much busy … just After 1 hour he remembers he has to reply his wife messages….

Kringggggg….. [ You got messages]

From Beloved Hubby:

“Ok Ummi……”

Sarah.. just sight… Abi oh Abi … I even knows what will be your reply dear before I read your messages…. You will be only say ”OK… OK Ummi”…. no matter so much length messages that Ummi send…

At times Abi will only say “mee too” whenever Ummi said “ Abi I love you” “Abi I miss you .”…

Whenever Abi says “Abi very b usy now …I will call u again later “… Ummi knows… Abi will never call back….. Some years ago… Ummi will always wait Abi calling back.. Ummi didnt sleep…. Ummi didnt go anywehre… waiting hubby call back…..
Subhanallah… no matter what Abi is the best for ummi…

Sarah just smiling… she understands her husband so much busy …Anyway man not like a woman… ….. but for sometimes please try to be romantic Abi…. Hehehehehe…

After few hour….


Unknown number..


“Assallammu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh Ahmad, this is Mirna, I am calling you from hospital, Ahmad… I think you should come here ”

“Wa’alaikumsalm warohmatullahi wabarokatuh , what’s happened ukhti?”

[Mirna start crying….]

“Oh Ahmad….Akhi… please come here soon…… Sarah suddenly attacked by Asthma…. But this time is different… she is coma… she in ICU now…”

“Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rojiun….. I will come there soon….”

Ahamd run to the park and start his car… His tears unbearable falling down from his eyes… he wishpering “ya Allah please don’t take my wife… I love her so much I need her so much…”

He remembers how his wife always smiling, always checking him anytime when he is in office… always send his long messages…always ask if he has lunch … He becomes so much pamper with all her loves and attentions…. He just cant imagine what will be his live without her….

He might have acted so much indifferent… It’s his lack as a man… He always busy with his jobs. All his doing just for the guaranty of the future of his family …. But that make him forget to give best care to his beloved…

Ahmad reach the hospital……..

He run straight away to the ICU room….. he meets Mirna and the rest family waiting outside…. Ahamad doesnt hear what they say… his mind only wants to see his beloved wife….

His wife Sarah is there…she is sleeping with some equipments around her…. MashaAllah she still look beauty and peace…. Ahmad holds his wife hands, he starts whispering on her ears… “I love you so much dear… please don’t leave me…. I promise inshaAllah will get you more time… We will have long vacation dear, only both of us… Please wake up dear.. talk to me.. I miss hear your voice.. I will be hear to listen you whole days and night…. “

Ahmad just crying….. his wife doesn’t response him…. He sees tears come out from his wife eyes… mashaAllah… She must hear what he says…

Ahmad whispering again more… he wishpering the word of tauhid lailaha ilallah many times……until he tired himself.. but his wife doesn’t response anymore at all.. until he feel tired and asleep beside her….

Ahmad awakes with the noisy around.. he sees the docter, the nurse busy. He sees they are pumping his wife chest, electricity shocking… etc… He just realize something happened with Sarah… he starts get panic.. put the nurse asks him to wait outside….

After some minutes.. the doctor come out…

He says… : “I am sorry Ahmad…. We have tried our best.. your wife has gone in peace… “

That word seem ruin all his world…. the pain unspeakable. As a true believer Ahmad only can says.. : “innalillahi wa inna ilahi rojiun….”

Only Allah knows best how it feels… Oh dear Sarah please forgives me.. May Allah give you the best place for you… The sun is gone….. The days will be so dark…it will be so much different without you dear….. . Lahaula walla quwata illa billah….

Batam 25 November 2007