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Assallammu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

Dear my blog readers, my lovely sisters and friends….. It has been so long I haven’t updated this blog…. It seems I have been away from many things since I get married, then pregnant and have baby… Mashallah…. Life run so fast, there are so many things changes… so many things which I leave behind… astaghfirullah …. Faith increases when one obeys Allaah and decreases when one disobeys Him

Few days back my dear beloved hubby said a sentence which became a very gentle reminder for me… he said: “ Dear we have to think to do more to invest more for amal jariyyah (ongoing charity)”…..

Indeed….. Rasulullah sallahu alahi wassalam said : “When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who will pray for him.” Narrated by Muslim, 3084.

What investment that I am going to invest for hereafter

Inshallah straighten my intention to keep writing. In writing that mean It will make me reading, learning and sharing which may benefit other. May this can be part of my investments to my hereafter, for knowledge which I learn and spread to other …

May Allah gives me strength also to educate my dear son Ibraheem to be one of righteous man who will pray for his parents…He can benefit other from knowledge which taught by his parents and spread them to other … .
May Allah bless me and my husband wealth which can benefit ummah …


Found this writing in my old archive folder….
Hopefully can benefit other…

Layla oh Layla

I always thought she was simple and always had a happy life…

She always could make things interesting….
She always could make other think her life just so comfort and happy…
She taught me there were a lot of happiness in simplicity..
I always amazed by the way she saw her life..

Once time :

“Have you eaten?” “Come here join with us having some food”…
“No thanks I have eaten.. “
“What did you eat ?”
“I ate rice with “kerupuk”, and cucumber… “
I was wondering how the taste eating only with them …. But she said it as if she just ate very delicious meal…mashaAllah…

That day she taught me how grateful I am.. I spent too much money just for eat…
She always showed very much regret to see money spend for unimportant things…which some of us feel that just very common….

Another time:
“ Sister thanks for the chicken.. “
“It’s very delicious.. “
“I ate it with my husband and my brother in law…”
“Unfortunately I fried it too long.. So It’s bit too dry… and I added too much salt..”
I said: “But you said it delicious”
She smile shyly… and said
“I always consider everything which given by other delicious… “

She always showed great happiness anytime we gave her something…as if we became the most generous person on the earth…
She accepted anything that we gave with tear on her eyes to show how grateful she is..

The other time :

“Layla….lets eat outside… but we eat there”
“No I cant.. During these 5 years of my marriage I always eat with my husband, I can’t eat without my husband”.
Another sister told me that she even couldn’t force her to eat some of food… she just sit and stared at my friend eating… She just didn’t dare to eat delicious foods herself in fact her husband not join her…

MashaAllah… She loved her husband dearly…

Sometimes we asked her to sleep in house.. but she always said.. “I can’t away from my husband… I cant sleep if not beside him… “

She said…
“Sister. .My husband is very nice man.. “
“He was widower when I married him.. but he had divorced from his previous wife.. “
“I have good relationship with his ex wife… “
“He always wake up earlier, he would make some tea , clean, wash and sometime cook… “
“He can’t read and uneducated.. But I love him… “
“I grateful he want to marry with an ugly girl like me… “
“My mother in law love me so much…her house always cleans…that why I should always keep my house clean too…because Even if I was ugly but my house should look clean … “

MashaAllah she always said good about his husband and his family

Then finally…. Last night..
It was the peak of everything…
Those amazing stories just torn apart became a painfully stories…
I believe she just didn’t have way anymore to hide anything and really need someone to share
She was very sick… being so hurted…
She cried when saying … her life actually just full of pains
I could feel how broke her heart to tinny pieces…
She just found out if her husband cheat behind her..

He never divorced his first wife…
He lied … his parents also lied
All people back home considered she was a naughty girl who took someone else husband…
His wife spread bad things to her..she said bad things to her parents….

She worked hard as house maid but all money only for him..
She didn’t have money on her hand.. in fact she the one who earnt most of them…
He always knew where she kept her money.. and dare to take it that away…
He used that money for his own pleasure… sometimes for gamble.. astaghfirullah…
She hurted to see how he treated his sister well but in other hand he even didn’t approve her tiny request…
She told a lot of sad memories which she tried to hide…

The peak of surprised… She said
He tortured her a lot of times…
He almost killed her… brought knife to threaten her..
He hit her, her mouth swollen
He forced her to work with low paid just few weeks after delivered her baby…
She was bleeding during work…
All her money that she search with her sweat had to send to his husband and his family
Even she didnt have money to send to her own parents who take care her daughter back home…
We used to think her husband love her too much until she always follow her when some time she came out to company me playing basket ball..
But in fact it’s just because of his jealousy and over protected…

She acted that nice… to cover up the cruelity of her beloved one..
Love was blind….
She still loved him…
She maybe would never reveal about this if she was not really sick… physically and mentally and need a heart relieve her pains…

Lahaula walla quwata illa billah…

O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will; and you should not treat them with harshness, that you may take away part of the Mahr you have given them, unless they commit open Fahishah (illegal sexual intercourse or disobey their husbands); and live with them honourably. If you dislike them, it may be that you dislike a thing through which Allâh brings a great deal of good.
(Qur’aan Soorah an-Nisaa : 19)

Batam 3 July 2005
Rytha Nur’aini
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Picture by Sr. Fariha Mahmood

When the beauty fade

Nothings last forever

Dear brothers in Islam…… There is no creature in this world that can be so much deceived by the beauty of woman but you brothers….Rasulullah salallahu alahi wassalam said “I am not leaving behind any fitnah (trial, temptation) more harmful to men than women.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 4706). And in another narration he sallahu alahi wassalam warned, …….so beware of this world and beware of women, for the first fitnah (temptation, trial) that befell the Children of Israel was concerning women.” (Reported by Muslim, 4925).

Marrying a beautiful girl is not something wrong. It can strengthen your heart and shield you from falling into haram things… You can find so many beautiful girls with many kind types, shapes and styles from oriental face, European, American, Asian, Arabian, etc… You will find the natural beauty to the fake beauty. Actually you even can’t compare it. You will never know if their lips real or plastic, if their nose real of just created…
There are so many number of woman compare than man. If you only concern about beauty you can so easily pick one on the street….
Do you know brother how much woman themselves being so much obsessed by the word of beauty? They can sacrifice everything to become more and more beautiful. Women have to get through painful diets. Some of them do cosmetic surgery; they apply tons of chemical make up daily. They have to spend thousands and millions dollars for maintain their beauty just to get tummy tuck to maintain flat and beautiful stomach, such as liposuction etc, they meet the surgeon to create beautiful butt, beautiful breasts…. Etc… They turn freak out about their beauty ….
Imagine brother… What if you fall to that kind of woman….
Brothers in Islam…. All of them just superficial beauty…. No matter what, no matter how much money you have ….those beauty will be slowly fade away through the time… This is the work of the nature…. Your beautiful wife can not get young and fresh forever…she is getting old day by day….. Someone who known as beautiful princess will not always become princes… soon will be another younger beautiful princess who will look more beautiful than her… there always sky above the sky…..
My dear brother who marriage only for beauty….
Do you remember the day finally you could marry your beautiful wife? … You felt so proud in front of your friends, relatives, colleagues. All wondered what thing special from you until you could marry such beautiful lady … All people started of you jealously… How luckiest man on earth you were… You felt like flying… such a good fortune you had
What you feel now brother…Can that beauty really strengthen your soul? Do you feel the comfort with her beauty that she also exposes for the other? What you see also can be seen by the other man…. Anyway… Day by day her beauty becomes something not special anymore. You see her every day, sometimes when she angry and argue with you feel her beauty just vanish… even another woman look more attractive and beautiful than her…. She grows become fat…. that flat stomach just messy up after she delivered some babies… Her smooth skins just getting wrinkle…
Beauty that not framed by the inner beauty – the strength in her deen.. That beauty will be only be the disaster, become the fitnah in your life……Your marriage will turn like the hell in earth ….full of fighting, disagreement, especially when anytime you advice her about her deen..
You already unjust to your children by give them a wrong mother…that they will grow up in the hand of woman who care more her physically beauty than care her children…I have seen some ladies they buy every new coming nice dress and full of make up and color… while she keep her children like the beggar…and it enough buy the second hand dress..
Brother finally when you grow old….when your sexually desire decrease you will know what you actually need.. Someone that can bring peace in your heart, a true life partner that bring peace in your heart, someone who will be hand in hand ….help each other to get closer to your Creator.
That day you will find out the physically beauty is not everything, there is something more crucial and fundamental for the happiness of marriage.. that is her deen and her commitment in her belief…. Her personality, her inner beauty, her brain, her heart, her sincerity, her truth, her lovely nature….. those beauty inshaAllah will be stronger and be part of her that will make you see her keep beauty through the time.. bring you the comfort and the happiness… that beauty will be the true beauty that make you soul complete…
It was narrated that Thawbaan said: Umar asked Rasulullah sallahu alahi wassalam: O Messenger of Allaah, what kind of wealth should we acquire? He said: “Let one of you acquire a thankful heart, a tongue that remembers Allaah and a believing wife who will help him with regard to the Hereafter.” Narrated and classed as hasan by al-Tirmidhi (3094). In another version it says: “who will help him with his faith.” Ibn Maajah (1856).
The life is a temporary accommodation, and the best of its accommodations is a righteous wife. [Recorded by Muslim, Ahmad and An Nasa’i] The best woman is that who pleases you when you look at her, obey you when you order her, and safeguard you during your absence in regard to herself and your wealth [Recored by At-Tabarani (in Al-Kabir) and others] May Allah guide all of us in the straight path, Guide our heart to make the best choice and decision in life to please Him always first in all things we do inshallah
Batam 5 December 2007

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